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Green councillor challenges Broadmead parking expansion

At a Bristol City Hall cabinet meeting today a Green councillor raised concerns about the environmental and health impacts of the proposed expansion of Cabot Circus at Broadmead, which according to the planning application could include hundreds of additional new car parking spaces.

Jerome Thomas, the councillor for Clifton, submitted the following question:

“Given the high levels of concern about dangerous and illegal air pollution, how is the Council working to ensure that the way the proposed development is designed and operated will reduce and minimise car dependency?”

Councillor Thomas added that the Greens will be following the planning application very closely as it comes into council with a view to raising these concerns.

Councillor Thomas later said: “While investment in Bristol’s City Centre is welcome the potential for a high level of additional parking is cause for concern. Bristol’s congestion issues are well known and the City’s air quality ranks among the worst in the UK. With this in mind I’d question if now is the right time to be attracting more cars into the city centre. We are fully supportive of a vibrant, thriving city centre, in which Broadmead plays a central role but the construction of more car parks in the middle of Bristol seem to be at odds with our duty to ensure that our air quality is safe and legal.”

 Information on the planning application can be found at:

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