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Green councillor secures free cash machine for St Pauls

A new free cashpoint has been installed in St Pauls after a campaign led by a local Green councillor.

The ATM has been installed at Grosvenor Supermarket, Grosvenor Road supermarket in the heart of St Pauls shopping streets. Previously, residents wanting to use the local shops would need to pay a fee for accessing cash.

Cllr Rob Telford started a campaign for free cashpoints in St Pauls and St Werburghs in early 2012. Two new cashpoints were installed in St Werburghs in late 2012/early 2013 and other  Bristol councillors have taken on similar campaigns in their own wards, most notably Margaret Hickman in Lawrence Hill and Estella Tincknell in Lockleaze.

Cllr Telford, Green councillor for Ashley and the initiator of the local campaign said: "With every generation of the community being hit by the Coalition's austerity measures, it's important that we do everything we can to iron out additional costs to lower income households. It's not fair that people should be charged to access their own money, and I'm really pleased that Notemachine have responded to the community, taken the initiative and installed this cashpoint here in St Pauls."

Gus Hoyt, Green councillor for Ashley and Cabinet member for communities, said: "Grosvenor and Ashley Road are great local high streets, but before now they were a bit difficult for local residents to use as they would need to walk to Stokes Croft or St Werburghs to access cash for free. This addition will support the small businesses in the area and really help people in their day-to-day lives. The Green Party is committed to protecting local high streets and we want to make using local shops as easy as we can."

Andrew Wheeler, the Business Development Manager of Notemachine is proud to be working in partnership with the Green Party and said: "The cash machine petition launched by Rob Telford has been a success. Notemachine has pledged its support to the campaign and successfully installed five free to use TTWs ATMs in the petitioned area.  The free to use ATMs will benefit the local economy substantially, helping both the local community and the businesses operating in the district."


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