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Green councillors back unions in face of ‘devastating’ trade union bill

Green Councillors will state their strong support for a union-backed campaign to overturn the government’s trade union bill at Bristol’s full council meeting tomorrow.

Councillor Carla Denyer, who has proposed a motion rejecting the Government’s attack on Trade Unions, will speak in support of a similar motion put by Labour councillors. She said:

“Workers’ rights are under attack from all sides. The government’s bill seeks to severely restrict the ability of trade unions to fundraise, carry out industrial action and coordinate effectively in the workplace. All of this could be made worse still by TTIP1, the proposed EU-US trade deal, which threatens to undermine labour standards across Europe. Both of these devastating pieces of legislation must be stopped.”

The support follows a strong showing by Green Party campaigners at a rally in the city centre this week, where Tony Dyer, Green candidate for Mayor (pictured2), spoke in clear opposition to the bill and in favour of Bristol’s right to strike.  

Councillor McMullen, a member of UNITE and a campaigner for workers’ rights in the garment industry will also speak to the motion. She said:

“Bristol is massively fortunate to have a thriving trade union movement that has campaigned for decades on progressive policies to improve our labour market, such as the living wage, opposing zero hour contracts, and for decent working conditions for Bristol workers. The government’s Trade Union Bill stands to destroy the ability of these valuable institutions to represent the voice of working people in our city. It is vital that we publicly stand together and recognise the value that unions bring to our workplaces.”

The demonstration3 outside the council meeting on Tuesday will also be attended by Green Party members and councillors in support.



  1. Green Councillors have also taken a motion opposing TTIP to the full council meeting:
  2. Photo of trade union demonstration attached.
  3. There will be a demonstration outside the council meeting:!/events/1667753593497810/?fref=ts

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