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Green councillors stand with Friends of Redland Library against closure

At a meeting of Friends of Redland Library last week, Green councillors Carla Denyer and Clive Stevens were amongst the speakers updating residents about the progress of the campaign to save Bristol’s libraries, and leading the discussion on what members of the Friends group can do.

After the meeting, Councillor Denyer spoke with Ivan Jackson, Presenter/Journalist for local community radio station BCfm 93.2. He asked her what she wanted to see happen to Redland Library, given that it is one of the ones earmarked for closure by Bristol’s Labour administration.

Carla said: “We will think about what the building might become when and if it’s no longer a library, once that battle – if that battle – is lost … but we’re not taking no for an answer yet – we’re going to keep campaigning”.

Hear Carla’s response below (see bottom of page for a full transcript):



 Greens have been working to oppose library closures in Bristol since they were first proposed in 2015. See:

Transcription of interview question:

Interviewer: “We’re here at Redland Library, it’s not one of those core 10+3 libraries that’s going to be maintained. It’s in your ward now, I know the boundaries have changed haven’t they? What would you like to see happen to Redland Library? You know it’s not one of the core 13.”

Councillor Carla Denyer: “I, and by the sound of it the vast majority of the people here for this Friends of Redland Library meeting, really we haven’t given up on campaigning to keep it open. We will think about what the building might become when and if it’s no longer a library, once that battle – if that battle – is lost. But it isn’t lost yet, the decision hasn’t yet been made. We think we can see which way the wind is blowing, and we think we can see what the Mayor and the Cabinet are trying to do, they clearly want to close this library. But we’re not taking no for an answer yet, we’re going to keep campaigning and keep campaigning and try and change their minds.”

Interviewer: “You haven’t given up just yet?”

Councillor Carla Denyer: “No.”


BCfm 93.2

 This interview was broadcast on BCfm One Love Breakfast, Wednesday 4th April, 8:09am. Full programme available at

 Interview by Ivan Jackson @IvanJacksonUK

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