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Bristol Greens welcome Magid Magid

Yesterday (8 April) Green Councillor and Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid visited Bristol. Bristol Green Councillors and candidates welcomed Magid to the city. 

Green Mayoral candidate, Sandy Hore-Ruthven, said:

"Magid’s Story is both inspirational and green.  Arriving as a refugee in 1994 from Somalia he has stood up for what he believed right from the start and has not been cowed by others opinions of him.  He is a passionate believer in young people - both encouraging them to achieve their potential and in making sure we leave a society and a planet fit for them to live in.  He epitomises how green politics fights for environmental and social justice together and I know he will be an inspiration to the young people and communities he is meeting today. "

Green Group Leader, Councillor Eleanor Combley, said:

"It has been a delight to welcome Magid Magid, Lord Mayor of Sheffield, to Bristol. I was born and raised in Sheffield, so that’s given me a special pride as I’ve watched him approach his year as Lord Mayor with such grace, generosity and courage. He has spoken out on things that matter to me, like standing up for peace or demanding justice for the Orgreave miners, and to hear him do it in a proper Sheffield accent that wouldn’t have been out of place at my old school definitely adds a thrill. I’m also proud that after arriving in this country as a child refugee, Magid found his home in Sheffield and a political home in the Green Party – and he’s given so much back to both.

"Politics can sometimes feel like a game for Eton boys – removed from our lives and protected by wealth from the consequences of their decisions. It matters that we have politicians who look like us, sound like us, and most importantly understand the things that we care about and take our concerns seriously. Magid has used his year as an opportunity to reach out, listen and connect with people. It has been wonderful to watch and I can’t wait to see what he does next."

Local news site Bristol 24/7 covered the visit here.

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