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Green letter re Brexit shambles

Dear Sir



Yesterday’s Chequers cabal, where the Prime Ministers attempted to cut a deal with seven white Tory men, was symbolic of the way our future is being decided by an increasingly narrow and unrepresentative elite. Meanwhile, a few miles from Chequers, the people of this country made their views clear on the streets of London, as they did on the most popular government petition ever. The will of the people has changed and has moved decisively against Brexit.


The Green Party has always believed and continues to believe that the best deal for the UK is our current deal as a full member European Union. We believe that the only way out of the whole sorry Brexit saga is to put the decision back to the people in a Referendum, while keeping the ability to Revoke Article 50 in the locker in case Parliament fails to resolve the issue and to prevent a disastrous No Deal.


But we also believe that two further Rs are important to heal the divisions and take our country forward. We must Repair our broken democracy by introducing a fair voting system and a written constitution. And we must Rebuild the communities that have lost out as a result of years of Tory austerity and the failure to invest in our local economies.

Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South-west

Cllr Eleanor Combley, Leader, Green group of Councillors, Bristol City Council

Sandy Hore-Ruthven, Green candidate for mayor

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