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Green Party London Assembly Member Speaks Out on Bristol Public Transport

Jenny Jones, one of the Green Party members of the London Assembly, will visit Bristol today to help highlight the importance of improving the city's public transport network. She will be discussing some of Bristol's key transport issues as she teams up with local Greens on the election campaign trail.

Jenny, who advised former London mayor Ken Livingstone on transport and road safety, said:

"It's vital that big cities like Bristol have fully integrated, affordable and reliable public transport. How can we expect to get people out of their cars and walking, cycling or using public transport if the roads are dangerous and the public transport links are poor and cost a lot? It should also be simple to use: Bristol Greens want to introduce an integrated ticketing system like the Oyster card, which has made travelling in London for both residents and visitors so much easier."

Rob Telford, Green Party candidate in Ashley and co-organiser of the recent campaign calling on FirstBus to 'Make Fares Fair, said: "Bristol has so much public transport potential and its one of the Green Party's priorities to improve the network. The Greens want to bring the buses back under public control, improve the local railway network, and build a public transport hub next to Temple Meads to increase accessibility to the network. We'd also continue to develop pedestrian areas and increase provision for cycle paths."

Daniella Radice, Green Party candidate in Bishopston, said: "With people having to travel further and further to find work it's vital that Bristol has a public transport system that supports both them and their families. Public transport should be fully accessible to everyone and the Greens will work to ensure that travelling with a pushchair or a wheelchair becomes significantly easier. We support citywide 20mph limits to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety around our city."

Among other campaigns, Green Party members supported the 'Make Fares Fair' and 'Action for Rail' campaigns as well as the ongoing FOSBR (Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways) campaign to improve the local rail network.

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