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Greens aim to become Bristol's second biggest party by 2016

Bristol Greens announce line up of 23 candidates fighting for change across the city

The Green Party in Bristol will launch their line up of candidates tomorrow (30.4.14) for the May local elections. A sample of the twenty three local campaigners championing their local areas will gather outside City Hall, where their nomination papers have now been submitted.

Daniella Radice, Green group leader on Bristol city council, says that the Greens are in the running to become Bristol's second biggest political party in terms of elected councillors by 2016: “The Green vote in Bristol is rising. Greens are making a difference across the city, and are proving their worth as representatives who work tirelessly for the wards they serve. I'm proud of all the candidates who are standing for this Greens in May, and am confident that Green representation will grow significantly in the next 2 years.”

The Green Party currently hold 4 seats on Bristol city council, and are part of elected Mayor George Ferguson's cabinet. Elected Greens across Bristol have already: saved community allotments at Lynmouth road; championed Switch and Save which helps people save money through collective energy buying; helped secure £47m funding for new solar energy. 

Charlie Bolton is standing in Southville ward and is currently campaigning for a better bus service from BS3 to Bristol Temple Meads: “It is vital that we improve the public transport links in south Bristol – both rail and bus. Reopening the train station at Ashton Gate would be a start. A better bus service to Temple Meads is also a priority.”

There are 24 of 70 seats up for grabs at the council in May, which elects a third of councillors every year until 2016 when the system will change. Green candidates for these seats are as follows:

Avonmouth - Justin Quinnell
Bedminster - Cath Slade
Bishopston - Tim Malnick
Bishopsworth – Alan Baker
Brislington East - Peter Goodwin
Filwood - Ryan Brinkley
Hartcliffe - Patrick Slade
Henbury - Ruby Tucker
Hengrove - Graham Davey
Henleaze - Geoff Collard
Horfield - John Hills
Kingsweston - Ben Appleby
Knowle - Stephen Petter
Lockleaze - Chrissie Quinnell
Redland - Martin Fodor
St George West - Chloe Somers
Southmead - Chris Millman
Southville - Charlie Bolton
Stockwood - Issica Baron
Stoke Bishop - Kyla Darrell
Westbury on Trym - Alex Dunn
Whitchurch Park - Barney Smith
Windmill Hill - Pip Sheard

The party has produced a 9 point plan that their candidates will be campaigning on. Among their ideas are providing a transport authority for Bristol, encouraging community owned energy production, and building green jobs for the city. 

Greens together continue to commit to achieve the following in Bristol:

  1. Transport: Frequent, affordable, integrated, reliable transport, run for the public good
  2. Education: A good local state school for every child
  3. Energy: Help Bristol create and save energy, save money and the planet
  4. Economy: Protect high streets and support their growth; More green jobs for Bristol
  5. Austerity: Protect public services at all levels, where Bristol has the power to do so
  6. Housing: Ensure affordable, sustainable housing for all
  7. Health and social care: Public, accessible healthcare for all; it is not a commodity to be bought and sold
  8. Public protection: Build strong, safe communities, which are empowered and connected
  9. Waste and recycling: Cleaner, greener streets

Greens also commit to promoting dialogue, improving local democracy and participation, and engaging in respectful cross-party working on the council.

Tim Malnick, Green candidate for Bishopston ward, is working with local residents to secure the future of the Ardagh site on Horfield Common: “It is important that we develop ways for local people to take the lead in managing local buildings, amenities and green spaces. As a councillor I would work hard to make this happen.”

Martin Fodor is standing for the Greens in Redland ward, and is a sustainability consultant who wrote Bristol City Council's first recycling plan: "The Greens offer the only credible alternative to the big three political parties," said Martin. "We are committed to campaigning positively, and working alongside local communities to represent their views."

The local election is taking place this year on 22 May, 2014. All Bristol residents will also be able to vote in the European election, taking place on the same date, to select members of the european parliament to represent the South West region.


1. The Bristol Green Party website has statements from candidates and photos Information about our policies for Bristol is available here also.

2. Blogs for some of the candidates can be found here:

3. Interviews with Charlie Bolton, Tim Malnick or Martin Fodor are available on request

4. Information about the Green Party's european election candidate list can also be found here:


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