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Greens Announce Tony Dyer as Bristol Mayoral Candidate

Following a city-wide ballot of its membership, the Bristol Green Party have selected Tony Dyer as their candidate to contest the Bristol Mayoral election in May 2016.

Born and bred in South Bristol, Dyer was the Green's parliamentary candidate for Bristol South in May's General Election.  After initially working in construction, he later reskilled to work in the IT industry where he was worked with major companies such as Microsoft and Cisco Systems, as well as supporting SMEs and start-up enterprises.  He has also worked with a number of community organisations in Bristol. 

Addressing members at the Bristol Green Party's AGM, Dyer said;

“I am proud to have been chosen to represent the Green Party in the upcoming Mayoral Election.  We have come a long way since the last Mayoral election in 2012.  Back then, we only had 2 councillors, now we have 14.  Back then, we only had 200 members, now we have well over 2,000. Back then, we were lucky to get 12,000 votes in local elections, now we get three times as many. In the last few years we have established ourselves as the rising force in Bristol politics. 2016 offers us a real opportunity to further increase the number of Green councillors, and elect a Green Mayor.

Over the course of this election campaign, we will be offering the citizens of Bristol policies to help resolve the deep seated problems that face our city.  We will address the lack of truly affordable housing, the ongoing chaos of our transport system, the poor standard of education provision and skills delivery in so many parts of our city, and the need to provide safe, secure and affordable energy to sustain our city's future.

We will be offering policies that are good for the local economy and jobs, good for people's incomes, good for people's health, and good for the planet.  

Let's make no mistake, the poor economic decisions being made by the Conservative government are bad for the vast majority of Bristol's citizens, bad for the local economy, bad for business, and bad for the future of this city of ours.  

A Green Mayor will offer viable alternatives for delivering a real economic recovery, an understanding of the need to raise people's incomes both in and out of work, a commitment to improving people's health, and a recognition that all of the above also requires a real commitment to tackling climate change.

This is an opportunity to be part of something special. We can build a better Bristol; one that cares for all its citizens, new and old, and offers greater opportunities for a brighter future. This is a Bristol worth fighting for.”

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