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Greens call for ban on balloon releases

Green councillors have renewed calls for the council to take action to ban balloon and sky lantern releases in Bristol. Almost a year after Clifton Down Councillor Carla Denyer first called for a city-wide ban (see Bristol 24/7 article here), the Council is still to take action.

Balloon and sky lantern releases create a permanent environmental hazard as when they eventually fall back down to earth the constituent parts (string, metal and plastic) pose a health risk if eaten by cattle or other wildlife, or find their way into the sea or waterways and pollute aquatic ecosystems.

Redland Councillor Fi Hance began work on a balloon ban during her time as Green Cabinet member - however it seems there has been no progress since.

Quoted in Bristol 24/7, Cllr Hance said:

"When in the cabinet I started work some time ago on putting in a ban similar to Gloucester.

The mayor did seem keen, but it seems that things have ground to a halt. It’s simple enough to do and there’s a lot of public support so I really can’t see what the problem is."

Read the full story here.

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