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Greens Call for Bristol to Send ZERO Waste to Landfill by 2020

The Green Party is calling upon the Mayor and all other  political parties to commit to a target of sending zero  waste to landfill by 2020. In addition, they are calling  upon Mayor Ferguson to commit to expanding provision for  re-use and repair to encourage Bristol’s emerging circular  economy.

 Anna McMullen, Green councillor for Easton said

"The  recent decision to bring the waste contract back in-house  offers opportunities for Bristol to set new standards for  waste reduction"

She continued

"Waste re-use and  remanufacturing has the potential to create up 20 jobs for  every thousand tonnes diverted from landfill"

In 2014, the Green Alliance think-tank estimated that  keeping just five materials (Wood, Textiles, Electronics,  Food, and Plastics) out of landfill each year could create 47,500 jobs across the UK. It would also save emissions  equivalent to that generated by 2.7m homes.(1)

Martin Fodor, Green councillor for Redland stated

"As the  European Green Capital, Bristol needs to set new targets and  objectives – it is not good enough to just compare  ourselves to other UK authorities, we need to aim to be the  best in Europe and beyond"

He continued

"We want to see waste increasingly seen as a  useful resource to ensure that more gets reused and  repaired. We’d like to see the Bristol Waste Company play  a full part in innovations and experiments that foster and  encourage these activities working in partnership with other  Bristol organisations and groups. This partnership working  should also link support for social enterprises and traders,  skills development, new technology like 3D printing, and the  use of vacant and under-used property so that reuse and  repair can flourish."

 Daniella Radice, Green councillor for Bishopston and  Assistant Mayor for Neighbourhoods which includes waste  management said

"Bristol needs to be ambitious and  holistic in its thinking about waste, I  would like to engage the whole city in a conversation about  the circular economy – making the most efficient use of  our resources.  At the same time we want to encourage  reduction and re-use plus an increase in recycling  rates.  Landfill is always the worst option  environmentally."



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