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Greens Celebrate Success in Fight to Keep Libraries Open

Following the release of initial findings from the largest libraries consultation in Bristol’s history, the Green Party is today celebrating the news that plans to close 7 libraries across the city have officially been scrapped. There will now be no reduction in the number of libraries serving the city.

Daniella Radice, Green Party Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said:

"We have strongly argued that we do not want to see the closure of libraries. In April we asked to delay decision making so we could work on a funding proposal to enable us to keep these libraries open, and improve the wider service."

Councillor Gus Hoyt, who has held this role previously said:

"Daniella has demonstrated a real commitment to ensuring people's voices were heard and acted upon. Thanks to the dedicated and thoughtful approach that local community groups took to this consultation, she has been able make sure that their efforts have paid off."

Daniella further added;

"The Green Party recognises that libraries are some of our most important community assets. They are a symbol of our commitment to free learning and access to knowledge in the city.

Carla Denyer, Green Party Councillor for Clifton East ward said:

"Redland library is a treasured community asset in my ward, and we had to make sure local voices were heard. After I helped to establish Friends of Redland Library with fellow Green Councillor Dani Glazzard and local residents, we saw the number of submissions to this consultation dramatically increase."

Martin Fodor Green Party Councillor for Redland ward said:

"We now have to make sure that this stays high up the political agenda in order to maintain and improve the quality of our libraries."

The Green Party is committed to working with officers to drive increased use of libraries over the coming years, and encourage innovative measures to promote their use. 

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