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Greens finish European election campaign on a new high

The surge in support for the Green Party has continued with a new poll showing the Party has hit its highest ratings yet in opinion polls. [1] 

A new YouGov poll puts the Green Party on 12%, up 4% since the last poll and 2% above the Liberal Democrats for the European Elections on Thursday. 

"We are now on track to win a seat in the South West, but we know we need all our supporters to come out on Thursday and vote for the Green Party to make that a reality," said Molly Scott Cato, the lead candidate for the Greens in the South West.

Greens say they are picking up support mainly from disillusioned former Lib Dem voters in the South West, but also, they believe, from those who want to make a stand against UKIP and those who see the Greens as a more genuine left-of-centre party to Labour.

Thursday's poll represents the culmination of a year of campaigning across the South West for the Greens in which they have travelled extensively across the region and visited many communities. Molly Scott Cato concluded:

"What has impressed me during my travels is the huge opportunity for the green economy and green jobs that we have right here on our doorstep, whether in renewable energy generation, green tourism, or sustainable farming. If the polls are right, and I am chosen to represent the people of the South West on Thursday, my job will be to make sure that the small businesses and citizens of our region are better served by the European Union and that our values and priorities are influential in policy-making in Brussels. They can also be sure that a Green MEP will work for them and will not fall prey to either the Brussels bureaucracy or the lobbying of corporations."



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