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Greens gear up for 2nd MP at Bristol campaign HQ launch

* Greens urge Bristol to make history and elect Molly Scott Cato

* Molly Scott Cato: “It's time for an independent, progressive voice to stand up for Bristol West”

The Green Party has this Saturday opened the headquarters of its Bristol campaign as it gears up to make history and deliver the party's second MP.

Molly Scott Cato, Bristol West candidate, was joined by co-leader Jonathan Bartley to open her campaign shop as Greens prepare to take the seat from Labour.

Scott Cato also welcomed support from the Women’s Equality Party (WEP)  – who have stood down in the seat to give Scott Cato a clear run at beating Labour [1] – and announced her plans to stand up for women and young people in Bristol.

The Greens have 11 councillors in Bristol and came a close second in Bristol West in 2015 with 27% of the vote.

Molly Scott Cato, Green parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, said:

"This is an historic moment for the city of Bristol, with the opportunity to elect me as the city's first Green MP. With the world standing at a crossroads, we believe it's time for an independent, progressive voice to stand up for all of Bristol West's constituents. We will be campaigning to win in Bristol West, and the opening of our campaign shop is key to that effort."

Jonathan Bartley, Green co-leader, said:

“Bristol has a very real opportunity to make history by delivering the country’s second Green MP in June. Molly is a formidable candidate who would give Bristol a distinctive voice in Parliament, just as Caroline has done for Brighton, and it’s an honour to visit this special city to help Molly open her campaign base here.

“I’m delighted to welcome the WEP’s support for Molly in Bristol West. It is a clear and important recognition that Molly is someone who will bring people together and stand up for everyone with a bold vision to give Bristol the kind of future it both needs and deserves."

The campaign HQ is at 194, Cheltenham Road and will be open every day between now and the election for volunteers to drop by. Posters and placards can be picked up from the HQ.



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