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Greens head for conference in buoyant mood as Lib Dems face 'losing all their MEPs'

Green Party members from the South West head for their annual Spring conference this weekend hopeful of winning a seat in May's European elections. Their optimism has been boosted by the suggestion from Lib Dems President, Tim Farron, that the Party may well lose all their European seats. [1] The Green Party say that the political vacuum created by the collapse of the Lib Dem vote is one they are determined and ready to fill.

Molly Scott Cato, the leading Green Party European candidate for the South West, said:

"In the South West the Liberal Democrats have always been seen as the alternative to the Conservatives but now that they are in government they have lost all credibility. On a wide range of issues including investment in regional railways, regulation of banks, tuition fees, nuclear energy and climate change, the Green Party offers the only positive alternative. We are also a whole-heartedly pro-European party, although we also see the need for significant reforms of the European Union."

The conference, being held in Liverpool from Friday 28th February – Monday 3rd March, will focus particularly on the forthcoming European elections [2]. Dr Scott Cato, who is also the Party’s national speaker on finance, will be making a speech as part of Friday's European Rally.


[1] On 20 February Tim Farron told the Times that they could lose all their candidates:


All six South West Green Party European candidates will be in Liverpool for the Green Party conference and are available for interview. See:

South West Green Party’s leading candidates:

Molly Scott Cato is the lead European candidate for the Green Party in the South West. She is an internationally renowned green economist and is the Green Party National Finance Speaker

Emily McIvor is Senior EU Policy Advisor for the Humane Society International and is the Green Party National Speaker on Rural Affairs


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