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Greens Oppose Austerity

Bristol Green Councillors say Bristol is suffering at the hands of the unnecessary Coalition Governments cuts agenda. The Green party takes a holistic view of economics. Rather than limiting themselves to a review of the Mayors’ budget proposals the Greens have looked at the national and regional context. Greens have reviewed the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership’s Economic strategy and found it wanting. They have also made several suggestions on how the Mayor could raise money to offset some cuts. The current city deal stands out from other city deals in excluding the low carbon Agenda and ignores South Bristol.

Daniella Radice, said, “The West of England LEP’s economic plan is wildly unambitious. It needs powerful and cross-cutting themes that will enable the West of England to go from strength to strength. We think that we should aim to be the most resource efficient region, in all sectors. If we can do this we will gain skills that we will be able to sell to the rest of the world. The Region should also aim to be the best at enabling flexible working, allowing those with caring responsibilities to be economically active.”

Tess Green, said, "Greens call for a rise in council tax by a modest 2% and for protection for those who cannot afford this. We also believe that savings can be made by charging visitors from outside the city for museum visits, by reducing costs of the Lord Mayor’s and councillors’ transport and by introducing a workplace parking levy in central Bristol"

Gus Hoyt, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods said, "To add insult to injury the government let us down concerning the new powers and we are now stuck with the weak Lib Dem City Deal."

Cllr Rob Telford (Ashley), the Green Party's national spokesperson on democratic reform said: "The Coalition government's championing of mayoral systems and the extra central government funding they would bring have failed to materialise except in the form of a City Deal that doesn't put Bristol's interests first. The Mayor should be banging at their door - as he said he would - for a better City Deal that puts the low carbon economy at its centre."

See related document, Bristol Green Councillors' Budget Response, A wider look at Bristol’s Economy.

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