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Greens present multiple questions at first Full Council Members' Forum

The Green group of councillors will today scrutinise the Mayor, George Ferguson, through a series of questions and statements to the first of the new Members' Forums ahead of the city's Full Council meeting.

Green councillor for Ashley, Rob Telford said: "With the new scrutiny arrangements now in place, it is more important than ever that local councillors scrutinise decisions made at all levels of the council. We will continue to encourage members of the public to step forward to question and probe elected and unelected officials in our roles as local councillors."

Tonight’s questions and statements:

  • Councillor Daniella Radice (Bishopston) will ask whether the Mayor plans to appoint a Cycling Commissioner to champion cycling across the whole city.
  • Councillor Martin Fodor (Redland) will ask why some cycling infrastucture projects seem to have been delayed and what steps are being taken to ensure better delivery by the council.
  • Councillor Rob Telford (Ashley) will ask what more the council can do to support private tenants to have safe and secure homes.

Full details of tonight’s agenda can be found on the council website here:

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