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Greens protest demolition of chocolate factory before community say so

Greens supported an impromptu demo outside the derelict Elizabeth Shaw chocolate factory in Easton on Wednesday after planning was rushed through to demolish the majority of the buildings, without proper agreement from the local community. 

Before the consultation process for the site has been completed, Generator Group Southwest have got an application agreed for the demolition of the majority of the buildings, many of which are of historical and industrial interest. Over 80 objections were made to this application, but dismissed by council officers when they passed it on Monday. This has left many residents angry, feeling that trust with Generator Group has been broken and their views overlooked.

Local Green candidate Anna McMullen is a member of the Choc Box 2.0 community association whose main aim is to to see the best possible sustainable development built on the chocolate factory site. The association have done significant consultation work with local residents to develop a community plan for the site, including proposals for open space, cycle path cafe, community buildings, artist studios, affordable and sustainable housing with off street parking, renewable energy and more...

"We are asking for generator group to not go ahead with the demolition of the buildings before proper consideration has been given to views of the community and plans modern moderated to reflect these," she said.

"We want to be listened to. We want a good quality, highly sustainable development that will serve the Greenbank community, who will have to live with the consequences of this development for decades to come." 

Darren Hall, prospective parliamentary candidate for Bristol West was also in attendance at the demonstration to support local residents. 

"This isn’t NIMBYism, this is about trust and about how we create communities in the longer term. By working with local residents, developers can ensure that their proposals are much more likely to add value rather than just extract profit" he said.

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