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Greens raise concerns about street safety for women

Jenny Jones, the Green Party candidate who came third in the recent London mayoral race, was in Bristol today to support Daniella Radice in her bid to become mayor. Jones and Radice visited Stapleton Road, once reported to be the most dangerous road in Britain, to speak to local residents and raise concerns about crime rates and street safety for women.

"Over 190 incidences of violent crime happen per month in Bristol city centre, including rape and grievous bodily harm. This is not acceptable," Ms Radice said. "We need to do more to protect women and girls against violent crime, such as ensuring regular, affordable night buses, well lit bus shelters, clear information about waiting times, and not be afraid to use our licensing powers to shut down entertainment venues that put women at risk."

Jenny Jones, Green London Assembly member and former Deputy Mayor of London, was positive about Daniella Radice's chances. Jones herself came third in the London Mayoral election that took place this May ahead of the Liberal Democrat candidate.

"Daniella Radice is fighting a strong campaign. Our third place result in the London mayoral election shows that the Green Party around the country is gaining respect and influence. The Green Party have always stood up for what is right, not just for the environment, but also for vulnerable people in our society. I'd encourage Bristol to vote Green this November if they want a fairer city."

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