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Greens Support Bristol Climate Change March This Sunday 29th November

Join the Green Bloc at The People's March for Climate, Jobs & Justice! 

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We'll be meeting at 11:30 this Sunday 29th Nov at Castle Park by the church - look out for the big Bristol Green Party banner! The march will leave Castle Park at noon and go through the city centre, ending with a rally on College Green with inspirational speakers, live music and loads more. Further details can be found on the event organiser's website or on their Facebook page.


About the March

Guest article by Geoff Collard, Bristol Green Party Membership Secretary.

Bristol Green Party is wholeheartedly in support of the climate change march and rally. At this crucial time, next week the Conference of the Parties in Paris (COP21) will debate climate change. It is the biggest international forum on climate change since Copenhagen. It is hoped strong international agreement will be reached on serious carbon and greenhouse gas reduction - and make no mistake, if these talks next week in Paris are a failure, the world is going to be even more endangered than it already is by the problem of man-made climate change.

A huge international demonstration was planned for this Sunday on the streets of Paris to urge world leaders to come together and agree strong action on climate change. Sadly, understandably for safety reasons in the wake of the outrages in Paris, the French government has prohibited the march and rally which was to have taken place in Paris in order to put pressure on world leaders to agree serious carbon reduction targets.

This makes it all the more important that marches and demonstrations by people around the world, and not least in Bristol, are strongly supported in order to send a message to their leaders telling them to start addressing climate change urgently. Therefore it is really really important that we in Bristol make our feelings felt by having as many people as possible come on the march this Sunday 29th November, the day before the talks begin in Paris.

Climate change is not, and must not be, a party political issue. It is too important for that, because it is an issue which affects each and every one of us whatever our politics. Therefore this march is not organised by the Green Party, as quite rightly, this march and rally is, and must be, a non-partisan demonstration to raise everyone's awareness of the importance of the talks in Paris to every human being (and to all species) on the planet. But the Green Party is of course absolutely committed to any peaceful action which furthers tackling the problem of man-made climate change and its consequences.

If you care about the devastation that climate change is already causing, with homelessness, drought and floods in places from the Sahel to California to Bangladesh it is imperative now that we tell the world leaders that pushing ever more carbon into the atmosphere must stop - NOW. Whilst many of our members will be in Paris in any case, as many Green Party members as possible will be in Castle Park on Sunday. Please support the march by coming this Sunday!

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