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Gus Hoyt: Austerity is not working

This years budget has been controversial with the Mayor being forced to make £35m worth of cuts in the coming year, despite having to raise council tax by 1.99%.

Our two Green Party councillors, Tess Green (Southville) and Gus Hoyt (Ashley) voted to support the budget rather than oppose it, in a long article for Bristol247, cabinet member, Gus Hoyt explains the issues and reasons why:

"The greatest problem concerning the budget is one that a single council cannot really alter. Austerity is not working and yet we find ourselves virtually unable to effect change other than to protest and continue to lobby government for change. As the cuts forced upon us by central government continue, we are left almost powerless as decisions are taken in London with little or no influence from Bristolians – even our MPs, including the two in the Coalition seem powerless – or unwilling – to reverse this policy."

 For the full article click here:

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