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Here comes the sun - Greens celebrate energy successes

Spring is looking promising for Bristol’s renewable energy sector, as the Council announces grants available for energy projects and a doubling of solar PV with a new Avonmouth solar farm.

Loans of up to £10,000 will be available for community energy groups that reduce energy use or support people to transition to renewable energy while the new solar farm has a 1.8MW capacity and is expected to generate 1.85GWh annually.  This will build on Bristol’s record of getting 25% of its energy from renewables over 2015. 

Green Councillor Carla Denyer who worked for many years in the renewable energy sector said:

 “After so many years of campaigning for Green energy, we are delighted to start the year celebrating growth in the renewable energy sector here in Bristol. Generating the energy we need in a way that is clean, green and provides new jobs is just common sense. It’s a mark of things to come that an old oil depot site will now host the new solar farm.”

Green Councillor, Martin Fodor who has promoted community energy for many years said:

 “Bristol has a thriving community energy sector and as a champion of this field for many years I'm delighted we have won government funds to the city to support it. Most importantly there's a commitment to encourage links to be made with diverse communities across the city who recognise their members have unmet energy-related needs.”

“Supporting innovative community projects with capital is also very valuable to help us move to a low carbon society with visible and practical facilities helping people in every neighbourhood.”

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