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Jonathan Porritt to help launch Greens European campaign

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The South West Green party will launch their European election campaign in Bristol with Jonathan Porritt, CBE, this Saturday, 15th March, under the banner of 'Europe for the Common Good'. The party's candidates will be meeting local supporters and journalists on the launch Matilda which will be travelling around Bristol city centre. To emphasise the common good aspects of the Bristol economy they will be visiting a number of local cooperative enterprises. Lunch will be provided by local catering cooperative Spotless Leopard, one of many businesses now accepting payment by Bristol Pounds. [1]

The Green Party's lead South West candidate for the European elections, Dr Molly Scott Cato said:

"This election is likely to focus on whether or not the UK should stay in the European Union so we are very keen to draw attention to the benefits that the EU has brought us in the South West. We do however acknowledge that often the EU works in the interests of corporations rather than ordinary citizens. This is why we have a clear message on Europe: We need serious reform of European institutions and particularly the parliament that I am hoping to become a member of. Europe must work for the common good."

Joining the Greens at their launch on a launch will be long-time member of the Green Party, Jonathan Porritt. He said:

"I believe the South West is long overdue in terms of having a truly Green voice in Europe. As a distinguished green economist, Molly is an outstanding candidate, and I know she will make the already influential Green Group in the Europe Parliament that bit stronger, working tirelessly to represent the South West in Brussels."

Jonathan Porritt is not the only high profile figure supporting the Green Party's European campaign. Michael Eavis, founder of the Glastonbury festival, has also endorsed the Green Party in the European elections. "We all know that Green Party values make sense" says Mr Eavis.


[1] Launch details:
Saturday 15 March 2014, from 10.00 am, Bristol Temple Meads Station Ferry Landing. Leading European candidates Dr Molly Scott Cato and Emily McIvor will be in attendance together with the South West European Election Team, members and Councillors of the Bristol Green Party and invited friends, supporters and guests from the Bristol Co-operative movement. Between 10.15am – 11.15am special guest and leading Green campaigner Jonathan Porritt, CBE, will be speaking as will the two lead candidates, Molly Scott Cato and Emily McIvor. All will be available for interview at this time. At approximately 11.15am, The Bristol Ferry Boat co-operative launch ‘Matilda’ will cruise the Floating Harbour, dropping off and picking up guests on request; interviews will also be possible during this time - please contact us for possible times/venues for interview. Lunch will be provided by the Spotless Leopard: at Hotwells Quay (near the Grain Barge) at 12.45pm. Matilda will return to Temple Meads Station Ferry Landing by 2.00 p.m. which would be another opportunity for interviews.

To find out more about the Green Party and the European Election click here

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