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Letter: A democratic Brexit can only be achieved with cross-party consensus

Writing in a letter published in The Guardian, Bristol's Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, said,

"If the general election really was about Brexit it is depressing that 84% of voters voted for the impossible. Labour has followed the Tories to the Mad Hatter’s tea party where they squabble over the single market but all hope to have their cake and eat it."

Proposing to leave the single market but still enjoying access to it on the same terms as EU members is an offer that is either confused or dishonest.

Why would the EU 27 tear up their fundamental principles to accommodate a UK that has opted to leave the club? The truth is they won’t. MEPs, including many Labour MEPs, know this to be the case.

Delusion and dishonesty have triumphed. It seems that those of us who have been upfront and realistic over our post-Brexit relationship with the EU have been punished at the ballot box. Ruth Davidson is right to suggest involving other parties in exploring how we approach Brexit. This must include strongly pro-EU parties like the Greens who favour giving people a say on the final Brexit deal. A failure to get real on Brexit will mean ultimately that the electorate punishes those who promised cake but delivered crumbs."

Molly Scott Cato MEP
Green, South West England

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