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Letter: Grammar schools don't boost social mobility.

In a letter to the Bristol Post, Molly Scott Cato MEP, highlights new research from Bristol University that shows that Grammar schools don't boost social mobility.  

The full letter reads:

Dear editor,

So we now have further evidence, this time from Bristol University researchers, that Grammar schools don't boost social mobility. It is and always has been a myth that they do. The new evidence shows that Grammar schools help pupils from the wealthiest families at the expense of those from middle and low-income families.

Theresa May’s push for more Grammar schools is a classic example of evidence-free Tory policy-making. It would entrench inequality in an already divided society and have a devastating impact on the hopes and opportunities of children in Bristol.

The education system in the city under the Tories is already under immense pressure; £33m cuts will make it that much harder for teachers and headteachers to do their jobs and put an estimated 1000 jobs at risk. We’re already seeing schools like Redland Green and Olympus feeling forced to go cap in hand to parents as the funding crisis hits critical levels.

Greens pledge to invest £7billion in our education system to fill the funding gap created by years of underinvestment and cuts. We will fund this by increasing taxes on the wealthiest corporations.

It’s time to stand united with teachers and parents to resist any attempts to revive antiquated grammar schools, fight education cuts, and protect our schools in Bristol and across the country.

Molly Scott Cato MEP

Green Party parliamentary candidate, Bristol West

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