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Letter: Bristol Cllrs must vote against the proposed airport expansion

In a letter to the Bristol Post, Cllr Carla Denyer and MEP Molly Scott Cato urge people to get in touch with their local councillors to encourage them to vote against the "disastrous 50% increase in the number of flights" at Bristol Airport. 

The letter in full reads: 

Dear Editor,

It was deeply moving at the weekend to see hundreds gather on College Green alongside millions around the world to demonstrate against the growing threat of climate change. We are part of a global movement to protect our shared planet.

Politicians have been very good at saying the right things on climate change, but their actions often conflict with what they say. This Tuesday evening councillors in Bristol will vote on whether to support the proposed disastrous 50% increase in the number of flights from Bristol Airport. As it stands, both Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees and Metro Mayor Tim Bowles have pledged their enthusiastic support to this environmentally destructive move. If you agree that we have to limit – not increase – global aviation, then please contact your local councillor and make sure that they are joining the Green councillors in opposing airport expansion.

 We can all do our bit to help reduce the impact of climate change by choosing to walk and cycle more or fly less, but only politicians can make the big decisions that will decide whether our planet blossoms or burns. It is time they start treating climate change as the global emergency that it is.

 Molly Scott Cato (Green MEP for the South West) and Carla Denyer (Green councillor for Clifton Down)


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