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Lobby Your MP to Vote Against Article 50

Molly Scott Cato, our Green MEP for the South West, and Caroline Lucas MP, co-leader of the Green Party, have responded to the Supreme Court ruling today 24th January, that parliament must be given a vote on whether or not to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to begin the process of leaving the EU.

Caroline Lucas's comments on the Supreme Court ruling can be seen on the Green Party website here:  Caroline says it is a victory for parliamentary democracy, which it is. A very important decision.

The government are moving very fast to try to head off any opposition by bringing in a Bill almost immediately, tomorrow (26th January 2017), to approve triggering Article 50. They don't want to give opponents any time to oppose it. It is crucial that all MPs wanting to remain in the EU or at least the single market vote against this Bill unless it includes provisions to this effect. MPs can get these into the Bill by tabling amendments when the Bill comes before parliament. Therefore we need to LOBBY OUR MPs hard to do this - and now, immediately. Urge them to oppose the Bill completely or at least unless it contains provisions to keep us in the single market: email them, ring them up, make appointments to see them in their surgery.

Labour MPs in particular must be targeted, because without them opposing the Bill it will go through. Jeremy Corbyn's continual action to support the government position on leaving the EU must be opposed: Corbyn obviously always wanted us to leave the EU and has continually undermined his own party's official position of wanting us to remain in the EU. He is now threatening to impose a three line whip on Labour MPs to support the government in triggering Article 50. What an 'opposition'! The man is a disaster; but Labour MPs must be reminded that they have a duty to do what they believe is best for their constituents. Tell them now is the time for them to stand up and be counted - not to slavishly follow their inept leader's disastrous position. Now is the time for them to show courage and independence of mind - because if Brexit proves to be a disaster, this country will never forgive them.

So LOBBY YOUR OWN MP today - and keep on lobbying: emailing, phoning, hassling them, and also lobby as many other MPs as you can too; they will tell you you can't, as you're not their constituent - but the message will get through anyway. So do it, and let's use this opportunity which the Supreme Court has given us, and which the government tried to deny us.

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