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Tony Dyer for Mayor

Bristol is a great city and it can be so much better!

The Green Mayor and Bristol’s Green Party Council candidates wish to see Bristol continue as the leading Green city in the UK with a clear vision of a more sustainable, better future. Our particular focus in 2016 is on Clean and Affordable Energy, A Decent Home for Everyone, 21st Century Education and Skills and Sustainable Transport and Clean Air.

Tony Dyer - Green Party candidate for mayor

Mayoral Manifesto 2016 - Introduction

Considerable  progress has been made towards turning Bristol into a city fit for the future, a greener city looking to address the realities of the 21st century.

 But the reality is that the progress we have achieved so far, mainly thanks to the hard work and dedication of thousands of individuals, often working in groups, sometimes working alone, has only served to reveal just how far we still have to travel to achieve the goal of making Bristol a truly sustainable city.  This manifesto marks the Green Party's contribution towards starting that journey.

This manifesto makes no undeliverable promises, offers up no hostages to fortune. It is a pragmatic and realistic assessment of what can be done, and how it can be done. It is focused on the art of the possible – and recognises that those possibilities rely on the fact that this city is greater than the sum of its parts.

Because there is a real danger facing our city: continuous and savage cuts to the funding of vital public services, including the gradual removal of the safety net that supports the most vulnerable of our fellow citizens, threaten to further divide a city that already has deep divisions - in levels of relative poverty, opportunity, air quality, housing choice, and many more besides. The cuts present a clear and present danger to the future of our city.

Our city can only create a sustainable future for itself if it leaves nobody behind.  A city in which only an increasingly small proportion are able to enjoy the fruits of its labours is not a sustainable city, it is a city on the road to ruin. A divided city, an unequal city, an unsustainable city doomed to failure.

My vision for Bristol, and the vision of the Green group of councillors, is for a city we can all be proud of – a city that looks after its most vulnerable, and welcomes the vulnerable from elsewhere who arrive here.  A city where what matters most to us is the spaces we share, and the people we share those spaces with. 

A city where the transport system works for the people who rely on it, and offers people realistic alternatives to the car - healthier alternatives that do not impinge on the health and safety of others.  A city that values our green spaces, but also builds homes that people can afford to live in, in the numbers that are needed. 

A city that invests in people as well as places, providing a high quality education for all and offering the skills required to deliver the Bristol of the future.  A city whose energy needs are met in a way that is consistent with being a green city, and does not further deplete the natural resources of the only planet we have.  A future city, a green city, a city worth fighting for.

Some of the changes this manifesto proposes will be quicker and easier to implement than others. Some will require collaboration with our neighbouring local authorities, some with local authorities beyond that, and, most importantly, some will involve negotiation with central government. 

Above all, this manifesto requires a commitment to hard work and an unsurpassed dedication to this city and its citizens.

I have that commitment to work hard, I have that dedication to my city. Above all I believe I have the skills, and the ability, to deliver a better Bristol. Vote for a Green Mayor to deliver a truly Green and socially just Bristol.

Tony Dyer - Green Party candidate for mayor

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