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Mayoral Manifesto 2016 - Asylum

Bristol is a great city and it can be so much better!

The Green Mayor and Bristol’s Green Party Council candidates wish to see Bristol continue as the leading Green city in the UK with a clear vision of a more sustainable, better future. Our particular focus in 2016 is on Clean and Affordable Energy, A Decent Home for Everyone, 21st Century Education and Skills and Sustainable Transport and Clean Air.

Tony Dyer - Green Party candidate for mayor


Green mayoral candidate Tony Dyer visited the Calais refugee camp in February, where he was both shocked and appalled at the way in which refugees were treated on a daily basis.

Bristol is a ‘City of Sanctuary’ but much more must be done to make this a reality for asylum seekers here. The current Home Office system is woefully inadequate, complex to navigate and disrespectful of basic human rights. Asylum seekers who come to Bristol are often fleeing persecution or war, sometimes the effects of wars that the UK has participated in. We must see their presence as an indictment of the UK’s foreign policy, not as a means to castigate, alienate and reject those who come from other countries. We want to transform a climate of fear to one of tolerance and understanding.

Many people are left in limbo, without recourse to public funds, housing or the right to work, and rely on charity to survive. This is simply not acceptable.

A Green Mayor will

  • work closely with refugee and asylum seeker voluntary organisations in the city to ensure that all refugees and asylum seekers have their basic needs met, including shelter, food, healthcare and education

  • deliver a costed and sourced Asylum Seeker and Refugee Strategy as proposed by organisations such as Bristol Refugee Rights

  • deliver on the promises made by the current Mayor at the first City of Sanctuary conference held in Bristol

  • increase the level of resource available to coordinate services needed for increasing numbers of asylum seekers.

  • lobby central government for asylum seekers who can’t be returned to their country of origin to be given leave to remain in the UK on a temporary basis

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