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Mayoral Manifesto 2016 - Clean and Affordable Energy

Bristol is a great city and it can be so much better!

The Green Mayor and Bristol’s Green Party Council candidates wish to see Bristol continue as the leading Green city in the UK with a clear vision of a more sustainable, better future. Our particular focus in 2016 is on Clean and Affordable Energy, A Decent Home for Everyone, 21st Century Education and Skills and Sustainable Transport and Clean Air.

Tony Dyer - Green Party candidate for mayor

Clean and Affordable Energy

We want to ensure secure, affordable supplies of low carbon energy for Bristol and we need to reduce our carbon emissions so that average global temperatures do not rise by more than 2 degrees Celsius, in line with the Council’s Climate & Energy Security Framework.
These are our Green Energy priorities for Bristol:

A city where we improve energy efficiency and reduce energy demand by:

  • City wide retrofitting schemes, particularly a revamped Warmup Bristol (the Council’s retrofit programme),
  • Improvements in Council owned properties and high standards in new developments.
  • Working to encourage private landlords to improve the energy efficiency of rented properties. 
  • Systematically rolling out effective smart meter usage.

A city where we increase renewable and low carbon energy generation and distribution by:

  • Tapping into the Hotwells area geothermal energy for our district heating network subject to a detailed feasibility study.
  • Investigating the viability of establishing a community windfarm (fully or partially owned) in the Severn Estuary .
  • Working with neighbouring authorities to ensure that the right European and national permissions are in place to support the development of tidal lagoons in the Severn Estuary in way which also maximizes their benefits to local communities.
  • Supporting micro generation where it provides cost effective energy supplies and encouraging the Council to identify and make available sites for generation.

A city where we encourage and supporting energy awareness to better control our energy use by:

  • Working with partners to establish local marketing and citizen engagement campaigns.
  • Supporting training and awareness building initiatives in energy awareness for all sectors of the population.
  • Encouraging the local uptake of renewable energy tariffs so that we maximise consumer led demand for low carbon electricity.

A city where we generate income and employment with our energy spending by:

  • Keeping our energy spending local, whether that be through investment in energy efficiency or investment in cost-effective renewables.
  • Supporting the development of Bristol Energy, the fully owned Council energy company and its better integration with other Council energy saving and generation initiatives.
  • Supporting the promotion and growth of community owned energy projects as a primary source of new energy generation and local investment opportunities. 

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