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Mayoral Manifesto 2016 - Green Space

Bristol is a great city and it can be so much better!

The Green Mayor and Bristol’s Green Party Council candidates wish to see Bristol continue as the leading Green city in the UK with a clear vision of a more sustainable, better future. Our particular focus in 2016 is on Clean and Affordable Energy, A Decent Home for Everyone, 21st Century Education and Skills and Sustainable Transport and Clean Air.

Tony Dyer - Green Party candidate for mayor

Protection of green spaces

Green spaces are of great benefit to our environment. They filter pollutants and dust from the air, they provide shade and lower temperatures. They promote biodiversity and are crucial nature corridors. They can improve people’s mental health. They are a place where people can exercise, where children can play. They can also be places where people grow food, either alone or collectively. They are wholly beneficial to the city.

It is extremely difficult in the current financial climate to make extravagant promises for our green spaces. A Green mayor would do his best to retain what we have and will.

  • seek ways to ensure the maintenance budgets for our green spaces deliver the best possible stewardship of our green spaces.

  • promote take-up of allotments to encourage local food production and work with Neighbourhood Partnerships to ensure we find investments to improve them for all.

  • Encourage sport in parks.

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