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Mayoral Manifesto 2016 - A Decent Home for Everyone

Bristol is a great city and it can be so much better!

The Green Mayor and Bristol’s Green Party Council candidates wish to see Bristol continue as the leading Green city in the UK with a clear vision of a more sustainable, better future. Our particular focus in 2016 is on Clean and Affordable Energy, A Decent Home for Everyone, 21st Century Education and Skills and Sustainable Transport and Clean Air.

Tony Dyer - Green Party candidate for mayor

A Decent Home for Everyone

Government Housing Policy is failing Bristol, as elsewhere. As illustrations of this, the city council’s placement of homeless people has risen sixfold since 2012, the number of affordable homes being built in the city has fallen by 80% since 2008 and there are now 14,000 people on the Council housing waiting list.  The aim of Green housing policy is to ensure everyone has access to housing appropriate to their needs, that is affordable, secure and contributes to a positive quality of life.
Our priorities for homes are:

Build new homes:

  • We support building well designed, energy efficient homes that are truly affordable.
  • We believe housing provision targets should be commissioned by the Council, with community involvement. Volume commercial house builders should not play a privileged role in the housing plans of the city and region.
  • We believe particular emphasis needs to be placed on the 6,000+ stalled sites in the city where planning permission has been granted but no building has begun..
  • We support the building of innovative affordable and community housing schemes, including self-build and custom build. 

Improve the private rental market:

  • We support increased licensing of private sector landlords to ensure that appropriate standards of safety and comfort are maintained.
  • We support the Acorn campaign against letting agencies who charge fees to tenants for letting or reletting of properties.
  • We will campaign for change in the Assured Shorthold Tenancy legislation to create an option for greater long term security of tenure for private renters.

Improve social housing and retain homes for social rent:

  • We will look carefully at any plans to regenerate communities to ensure there is no net loss of social rented homes and that residents (whether renters or owners) are involved in the re-design of their communities. 
  • We will do what we can to resist implementing Right to Buy and campaign for the actions we feel are needed to ensure that lost social housing is replaced.  
  • We support creative ways to provide supported and move on accommodation and early intervention projects. 
  • We continue to oppose the so-called ‘Bedroom Tax’ and ‘Pay to Stay’.

Maintain and develop prevention programmes:

  • We support charities and organisations who work within a challenging economic environment to support vulnerable client groups.  We will encourage the council to work with partners to ensure appropriate housing and support for the most vulnerable in society.

Minimise the number of empty homes:

  • There will be no council tax reductions for homes left empty for more than six months.

Current City Council policy

  • We broadly agree with the council’s housing strategy ‘More than a Roof’ - which Green Councillors have influenced and contributed to and we look to implement and build upon it to tackle the longstanding and worsening housing crisis in our city. 

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