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Why the Greens can win

 The rise and rise of Green Councillors in Bristol


 Did you know that it is only 10 years since the GreenParty won its first ever elecction in Bristol?

If you look at the graph, you will see the rise and rise of Bristol Green Party. In terms of councillors, we have gone fron zero to one to two to four to six to fourteen (out of seventy). If we maintain the momentum we have been building, we could easily see a dramatic rise in the number of councillors in this years elections.

We have also seen the election of the first Green MEP in the South-west. We came second in the Bristol West seat in the general election, and easily had our best results in the other seats.

Councillor opportunities

If you look in more detail, you will see that the Greens have councillors in

  • Ashley
  • Bishopston
  • Cabot
  • Clifton
  • Clifton East
  • Cotham
  • Easton
  • Redland
  • Southville
  • Windmill Hill

If we won the second seatin these wards, we would increase our number of councillors to 20.

We came second in

  • Bedminster
  • Eastville
  • Lawrence Hill
  • St George West

We are confident that we could increase our vote in these wards, and have a good chance of taking them. That could add another 8 council seats.

Then we have other seats, like Brislington West - where we came fourth but within touching distnace of the winner (who won with only 26% of the vote) - so we have chances in maybe a couple more.

Put it together and what do you get?

If the Greens were to get 28 or so councillors (ie double our representation again - well, we would have to take them off the other parties. Labour are the largest group with 30 councillors at the moment - there total would certainly reduce. The Liberal Democrats face virtual wipeout. The Tories have stalled.

The Greens, therefore, have an excellent chance of being the biggest party on Bristol City Council. And if we do that, we have an excellent chance of having a Green mayor.








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