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Meet Molly - Molly4Bristol

I am currently your Member of the European Parliament (MEP), covering the South West, and I have fought hard for justice and environmental rights; for a fair economy; to protect the NHS from damaging trade deals; and against Brexit.

I joined the Green party in 1988 and have stood for election at all levels. In 2011 I was elected as a councillor for Stroud district council where I led the Green group and was chair of the audit committee. In 2014 I was elected as the South West’s first Green MEP. In the European Parliament, I’m a member of the Economics and Monetary Policy Committee, the Inquiry Committee into Tax Avoidance and the Agriculture Committee.

I have a track record of being effective and getting things done, rather than just talking about them. In Europe I have worked with other MEPs to stop TTIP – a trade treaty that would have damaged the NHS; pass legislation to close corporate tax loopholes; help extend the ban on pesticides that kill bees; pressure the government into accepting more child refugees; and successfully lobbied the EU Commission for a VAT exemption for small businesses.

Bristol needs a Green MP and I can win in Bristol West

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In 2015, Bristol West very nearly elected a Green MP, with the Green Party coming a close second with a 23% swing in the vote.

Bristol is seeking a different kind of politics. With the Green Party, this is possible as it represents a radically different future. From real action on climate change to affordable homes and living rents; from well-paid, low carbon jobs to public ownership of our NHS, transport and schools.

As your MP, I would be able to be a clear force for good – one that puts fairness for people and care for the planet at the heart of decisions we make.

What I am standing for:

Our NHS, our schools, our railways, and other public services in public hands

A fair and resilient local economy that puts people and local jobs first

Better quality, affordable, secure housing that meets local demand

Affordable energy, radical action to tackle climate change, protecting our way of life

A second referendum once the deal with the EU is known

 I am proud to have been selected to represent this wonderful city. It’s a huge honour, and I hope you will give me your support on the 8th of June.

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