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Molly Scott Cato: Labour's manifesto is a dog's Brexit

Molly Scott Cato, MEP for the South West and the Green Party's Brexit spokesperson, has criticised the Labour Party's 'confused and contradictory' manifesto promises on Brexit.

Molly is the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, a constituency in which 80% of people voted to Remain in the European Union. She said:

"Labour just can't decide where it wants to stand on Brexit. The promises my counterpart Keir Starmer made about fighting to keep Britain in the Single Market have been totally undermined by the Party's manifesto. Labour is once again aping the Tories in its manifesto pledge to sacrifice our economy and Single Market membership on the altar of ending freedom of movement."

"Exiting the Single Market would be a devastating blow for Bristol - a city that voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the European Union. Bristol's economy is the third most dependent on EU trade in the entire UK with two-thirds of the city's exports are reliant on our membership of the Single Market [1]. Labour will put the city's economic security at risk by joining Theresa May and the right-wing press in scapegoating EU citizens for the problems caused by successive Labour and Conservative governments."

"Labour has made it clear, time and time again, that not only are they prepared to hand the Tories a blank cheque for a hard Brexit. They’re also offering to give them a lift to the bank to help them cash it in. Four out of five people in Bristol West voted to Remain in the European Union. They deserve so much better than a weak and divided party that's position on one of the most defining political issues of a generation flits between confusion, chaos and capitulation."

"The Green Party is the only party bold enough to stand up for Freedom of Movement. Greens also want to give back control at the end of the negotiation period, providing people the right to have a say on the final Brexit deal in a ratification referendum – with the option to remain in the EU if they so choose."

"As a Green MP, protecting our economy and jobs in Bristol will be a priority. This means no ifs, no buts, we must keep the UK in the Single Market."


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