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Molly Scott Cato leads canvassing visit to local pubs

Three of the Green Party’s most formidable female politicians will be touring Bristol West pubs this afternoon to chat to punters. Molly Scott Cato MEP, the candidate for Bristol West, will be joined by her German MEP colleague, Terri Reintke, and Deputy Leader of the Green Party, Amelia Womack, to visit pubs and talk politics.   

Molly Scott Cato said:

“A lot of political conversation happens in pubs so we’re going so go and strike up conversations over a pint. We really want to listen to what voters have to say and talk to them about Green solutions to their concerns.”

“Theresa May has tried to fight this election in the shadows, avoiding everything except the most stage-managed contact with press and public. The Greens are different. We believe that politics only works when the public are fully involved, when they feel listened to, when they get a say. So we invite anyone in Bristol who sees us visiting their local this afternoon and evening to come and have a chat.”

In particular, the visit by German MEP Terri Reintke will provide opportunities to discuss Europe and Brexit. Molly said:

“The Bristol West seat is a closely fought two-horse race between Labour and the Greens. Labour have been confused and contradictory over Brexit. As an MEP I have an in-depth knowledge of how the EU works and a clear and consistent message on Europe. We need to remain in the single market, defend freedom of movement and offer a ratification referendum on the final deal between the UK and EU. Only electing a Green MP will prevent people in Bristol West waking up on 9th June with a Brexit hangover.”


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