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Molly Scott Cato wins the backing of George Monbiot for Bristol West seat

Bristol Green Party is delighted to announce that award-winning environmental campaigner, journalist and author George Monbiot has thrown his support behind Molly Scott Cato, MEP for South West and the Green Party's parliamentary candidate for Bristol West. 
In Bristol West, where it is a two-horse race between Greens and Labour, George is urging voters to make history and 'transform the politics of Britain' by sending another Green MP to Westminister.
George, who is urging voters to back Jeremy Corbyn over Theresa May nationally, said:

"Molly Scott Cato is a great representative and a thinker. If she were in Westminster, alongside Caroline Lucas, she could help to transform the politics of Britain. I would be proud to have her as my representative."
Molly Scott Cato recently won the backing of the National Health Action Party for her support of the NHS and the Green Party's pledge to restore a truly public, fully funded national health service.
Upon receiving the latest endorsement, Molly said:

"Like many Greens, I'm a huge admirer of George Monbiot and his determined and dogged campaigning for a more just politics and a healthy environment. I'm delighted he has decided to back my campaign to make history in Bristol West."

"George has recognised that, in Bristol West, the Tories just can't win and voters have a rare opportunity to cast a vote for what they believe in; there is no need to vote tactically. " 

"From real action on climate change to affordable homes and living rents, from quality, well-paid, low carbon jobs to public ownership of our NHS, transport and schools - Greens represents a radically different future for Bristol and Britain."

 "As a groundbreaking city on so many levels, Bristol is seeking a different kind of politics. With a Green MP, this is possible. Vote for a future to believe in. It's time."

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