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Natalie Bennett supports 'Remain' campaign in Bristol

The Green Party’s leader Natalie Bennett today visited Bristol with the message that the city could “make or break the up-coming EU referendum”. The warning comes after polling shows the Remain and Leave campaigns neck and neck [1].

Speaking to voters in Clifton Down, the Green Party leader was encouraging Bristolians to vote to stay in the EU, emphasising that their vote could be crucial. Polling suggests that if urban areas with young populations turn out to vote, then the Remain camp could sway the election, whilst a low turnout could hand it to the Leave campaign.

Speaking on Bristol’s role in the up-coming referendum Natalie said:

“Bristol is an old city with a young and vibrant population. We know from extensive polling now that cities with young and positive populations like Bristol could make or break the up-coming referendum. It’s going to be all about turnout and whether we can inspire our young people to get out and vote”.

She continued,

“The last few years have shown that Bristol has a huge level of Green Party support and I am here today to encourage all of those who have supported Greens in the past to make sure they vote for a progressive future on June 23rd.”

Welcoming Natalie to Bristol, Charlie Bolton, Leader of the Green Group on Bristol Council said:

“Natalie is right, Bristol is an outward looking city. This campaign has been too much about the right wing Tories attacking each other over a limited range of issues. Bristol needs to hear from powerful, passionate and progressive voices like Natalie”

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope that Bristol plays its part in helping to make sure we have a future tackling the big challenges inside the EU.”



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