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Green Party Leader Visits Bristol

Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party, will visit Bristol on Tuesday 23 April to support Bristol Green Party's bid for electoral success. She will join local Greens on the campaign trail in Ashley and Bishopston wards. The Greens are aiming to gain council seats for Rob Telford in Ashley and Daniella Radice in Bishopston.

Natalie said: "Bristol is a naturally green-minded city so it's not surprising to see the support for the Green Party growing. Voters can see that we offer the only credible alternative to the largest three political parties which is why I'm confident that we'll win more seats at the coming local elections. I'm here today to help Rob and Daniella join fellow Greens on the city council."

Daniella Radice, Green Party candidate in Bishopston, said: "We've been getting really positive reactions from residents on their doorsteps. People like our policies and our strong track record of being active on local concerns. In the current climate voters are increasingly drawn to the Green Party's fair and progressive policies on environmental and social justice."

Rob Telford, Green Party candidate in Ashley, said: "We're urging residents in Ashley ward, where I'm standing, to turn Ashley green and make history by becoming the first ward in Bristol to have two Green councillors. This is a unique opportunity to change the way our city is run for the better."

The Green Party hopes to repeat its spectacular election result in Ashley ward in 2011, when Gus Hoyt took the seat from the Liberal Democrats, gaining the highest number of votes for any individual candidate across the city. In the recent mayoral elections Daniella Radice overtook the Liberal Democrat vote in Bristol West and Cllr Gus Hoyt now sits on the mayor's cabinet.

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