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New poll sees Lib Dems pushed into fifth position

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The Green Party are increasingly confident of winning a seat in the South West in the European elections next Thursday after a new national poll shows the Party surging to 10% and leaving the LibDems ailing at 7% [1] Among 18-24 year-olds the Greens are the second most popular political party and the Party has today launched a Youth manifesto.

Molly Scott Cato, the candidate set to become the first Green MEP for the South West, said:

"This poll shows that former Lib Dem voters no longer feel the party represents their values. In the EU the Lib Dems sit in a group clearly attached to free-market policies and are keen proponents of a secret trade deal currently taking place between the EU and US. This deal threatens the high standards of environmental protection and animal welfare that Greens in Europe have long fought for. In the UK we have seen them side with the Tories in supporting tuition fees, benefit cuts, nuclear power and fracking. No wonder young people in particular are turning to the Greens."

The Youth manifesto, launched today by the Green Party’s candidate for European Commission president and Green German MEP, Ska Keller, includes pledges to abolish tuition fees, create well paid jobs for young people and make the minimum wage a living wage. [2]   

Founder and Chair of Plymouth University Young Greens, Thomas Pashby, said:

"The Green Party is growing in popularity as shown in the opinion polls, especially among young people. This sends a clear message to the Government that young people are feeling left behind. With the Greens demanding an end to University tuition fees and a reversal of the cuts to youth services, we are standing out as the party of hope."

To find out more about the Green Party and the European Election click here

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