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One in five people in Bristol who voted for Brexit wouldn't do it again

Responding to a poll in the Bristol Post which found One in five people in Bristol who voted for Brexit would not do it again, Bristol's Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, said, "These figures confirm what many of us have suspected. Support for the UK leaving the EU is on the wane. This is hardly surprising. The whole process has been hijacked by the Tory right who are leading us towards the cliff edge of a hard Brexit. People didn't vote to lose free trade with our European neighbours or to turn our country into Europe's biggest tax haven.

"It is shameful that Labour, as the 'official opposition', have colluded with the Tories on this extreme Brexit without securing any amendments on protecting workers' rights or our environment. Indeed, Labour have negotiated no safeguards at all and seem oblivious to the damage a hard Brexit will cause.

"Greens are clear on the need for a ratification referendum at the end of the two-year Article 50 process, to give people the final say on the deal negotiated between the UK and the EU. These figures add weight to the need to secure that referendum. People are beginning to understand the full implications of leaving the EU and realising it doesn't look at all good.

"If taking back control means anything it should mean that we all have a right to think again when we see what Brexit really means rather than what we were told it meant during the referendum campaign."

The survey also revealed that a slim majority of those in Bristol (51 per cent) would like to have a second referendum and 56 per cent believe that the UK will break up within a decade, of as a result of Brexit. 

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