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Open letter to EU citizens in Bristol

Leaders of the opposition councillor groups in Bristol joined together today (10 April) to send an open letter to EU citizens resident in Bristol.

Leader of the Green Group, Eleanor Combley, said:

“Our lives are enriched when we share them with people from other countries – and our horizons are broadened by being able to travel, love, work and study across 27 EU countries. I am proud that unlike the two main parties, Greens stand up for the principle of freedom of movement, and choose to stand with migrants in the face of rising xenophobia and racism.

“As a small part of that I’m pleased to work with colleagues from across the political spectrum in Bristol to send out a shared message today: that EU Citizens who call our wonderful city home are welcome, that their contribution to our lives is appreciated, and that we will continue to work for their benefit and protection, just as we aim to work for the good of all Bristol residents.”

An open letter to EU Citizens

As the leaders of Bristol City Council’s political groups, we wanted to join together to share our unanimous support of those citizens from other European countries living in the city.

We are thankful for the contribution you make to Bristol and are proud to represent a diverse and vibrant city, a place where we can celebrate all the things we have in common.

Please be assured we will continue to strive for the best possible outcomes for all citizens of Bristol, both now and in the future.

We also encourage you to find out more about the EU Settlement Scheme should you wish to apply. You can find out more online ( or by calling 0300 123 7379.

Thank you for choosing Bristol as your home.

Eleanor Combley
Leader, Green Group, Bristol City Council

Anthony Negus
Leader, Liberal Democrat Group, Bristol City Council

Mark Weston
Leader, Conservative Group, Bristol City Council

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