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Opinion: There's one area in which Justin Trudeau is no progressive

Writing in the New Statesman, Bristol's Green MEP and Bristol West candidate, Molly Scott Cato, points out that the Canadian golden boy, Justin Trudeau, has a seriously dirty track record on tar sands.  

In the article, Molly points out that:

"Last November Trudeau approved two pipelines that will pump nearly a million barrels of tar sands crude oil per day over the next decade from Alberta to global markets. That coincides with the same timeline under which Canada is supposed to peak and then reduce greenhouse gas emissions under their pledges to the Paris agreement."

She concludes however saying:

"while Trudeau seems to be following the will of oil corporations, others are willing us towards a brighter future. Fossil fuel divestment is growing as young and old alike pressure their universities and pension funds to rein back investment in coal, oil and gas. With the price of wind and solar tumbling, renewable energy generation is also mushrooming. So whatever dirty deals President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau strike up, the energy transition is unstoppable."

You can read the full article here. 

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