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Green Party Policy for Bristol - The Economy


  • We think that our economy should not destroy the natural systems of the planet on which we all depend
  • The wealth of Bristol should be distributed more fairly amongst people
  • Bristol City Council should procure more from local businesses and organisations
  • Affordable childcare is central to an economically successful Bristol
  • The Green Party is fundamentally opposed to the cuts to public services that have resulted in spiralling unemployment
  • We support the Bristol Pound
  • Ensure resources continue to be available to support people starting Co-ops and social enterprises
  • Support the introduction of the Living Wage


The Green Party’s long term aim is to develop an economy that results in a more equal distribution of wealth. We believe in progressive taxation and regulating the financial sector.

The Green Party is fundamentally opposed to the cuts to public services that has hit the 99% - who are not responsible for the crisis - the hardest. As the wealth of the top 1% of earners continues to increase the Coalition’s policies are nothing less than an assault on ordinary people.

The Green Party will work with local enterprise agencies and business associations to provide support and advice to SMEs, who with sole traders create most new jobs and innovation.

The Green Party will offer help and guidance to micro and small businesses in bidding for public and private sector contracts.

We will provide support for new start-ups and for the expansion and growth of the existing successful and important co-operative and social enterprise sector.

The Green Party support the adoption of the Living Wage throughout the city. We expect Bristol City Council to lead by example.

The Green Party supports the Bristol Pound and will promote council procurements using this currency. This will help build links between local businesses and customers and keep money within local communities.

We will ensure that high quality childcare is available to all.

A Green Plan For Bristol

A Green Plan For Bristol

The Green Party is not just concerned about the environment.

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