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Green Party Policy for Bristol - Energy


Energy prices are only going to go up and the best way to save money is to use less energy in the first place. We will help you manage your energy costs by signposting funds for home insulation and enable you to do your bit in the battle against climate change.

Green policy and common sense says that we need to reduce energy use throughout the city of Bristol. We should be focusing on sustainable energy management to make the best of what we use and generating as much energy as we can from local sources as well as investing in off-site renewable generation.

Insulating homes and saving energy

Energy efficiency surveys can identify the largest areas of heat loss in buildings, which will help prioritise the worst insulated homes. Green councillors will work with neighbourhood energy groups to bring the benefits of high quality installations to more people across the city. We will push for planning laws to include provision for energy saving measures in all new-builds, including insulation and water conservation.

We believe communities can lead the way in large scale retrofitting initiatives to make it easy and worthwhile to bring our homes up to standard so they are more comfortable and efficient. The council has experience in managing such large-scale retrofitting projects for its own buildings, and some private housing, but now it is time to roll this out to everyone.

Micro-generation for the benefit of the community

The Green Party knows the importance of decentralised, locally generated energy, for protecting communities against energy price rises and the whims of big energy companies. We support all levels of micro-power generators; from solar panels on their roofs to community-owned energy projects, with the council setting an example on its own buildings.

Publicly owned energy

Green councillors will continue to push for implementation of their successful motion for the creation of a local energy company. This should include the council-owned wind turbines at Avonmouth, and the Bristol Switch & Save scheme for bulk-buying sustainable energy, to tackle fuel poverty. We will encourage the use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems in public and private buildings, which use low-grade heat from electricity generation.

'Fracking' & Coal Bed Methane

The Green Party opposes all onshore and offshore exploration, development, and production of Coal Bed methane, Oil shale and Shale Gas, and calls for UK licences to be withdrawn. The environmental impact of these techniques is huge. The Green Party is opposed to hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") methods of extracting oil and gas from conventional and unconventional wells, and is actively involved in opposing planning applications for these in the South West. Green councillors will fight against any applications, alongside the party's national push for tighter regulation of the industry.

Tidal Power

The Green Party believes rolling out a range of technologies such as tidal range, tidal stream, offshore wind, and wave energy will offer more electricity generation for less environmental damage than a single large Severn barrage. A range of technologies is inherently less risky than a single unprecedented engineering project, both for the environment and as an investment. We will support the RegenSW approach, alongside Friends of the Earth, RSPB and others.


The Green Party is opposed to nuclear energy, which we consider to be expensive and dangerous. The nuclear option is slow, risky, and distorts the energy market. It's failed its promise for so long we need other solutions now.

A Green Plan For Bristol

A Green Plan For Bristol

The Green Party is not just concerned about the environment.

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