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Green Party Policy for Bristol - Housing, Planning & Green Spaces


The Green Party strongly opposes the introduction of the bedroom tax.

Bristol Greens will work towards building quality council homes and to renovate those that remain empty;

Helping people at risk of repossession keep their homes via a Right to Rent scheme and the Homelessness Prevention Fund, which Bristol Green Party recently saved from the cuts.

We support the development of housing co-ops and co-housing projects in the city;

We support the expanded programme to bring back into use empty private sector homes in Bristol;

The Green Party in Bristol will give social housing tenants greater control over the management of their homes and neighbourhoods;

We will promote improving the quality of housing stock to help reduce household bills with energy efficient and water saving upgrades, as exemplified by the Open Homes that Bristol Green Doors have organised.


The shortage of affordable housing and the lack of new council housing are real problems in Bristol. The Bristol Green Party is committed to working with social housing providers and developers who can help provide more affordable, sustainable homes in the city.

The bedroom tax is unjust and we oppose it. Our Green Party Cabinet Member Gus Hoyt has been working with the Mayor to minimise the impact of the tax and to prevent evictions.

We support innovative solutions by communities to creating and managing affordable homes and neighbourhood facilities such as co-operatives and co-housing.

Bristol Greens are committed to creating and saving green spaces and encouraging community involvement in managing them. Green spaces are an important resource for all communities and are used for allotment, providing fresh air, sports and other physical activity, including walking the dog. They are also important for absorbing rainwater and preventing flooding.

Preventing speculation of office space - we will establish a supplementary planning notice which prohibits the construction of more office space if over 15% of office space in an area is already empty.

We need to redevelop brown field sites, build car free denser housing. Bristol should be a city of “short distances”—a compact city with strong neighbourhood centres where people’s needs are within walking distance. New development should include employment land, mixed dev. More of the city centre should be pedestrian zones. New development needs to include employment and public transport hubs.

We would remove incentives to build on driveways and gardens and we would tax empty properties. The current policy of selling off land and ‘local authority assets’ needs to be brought to an end.

We support extending the landlord licensing scheme to private landlords.

A Green Plan For Bristol

A Green Plan For Bristol

The Green Party is not just concerned about the environment.

Green Group statement on Bristol Council's 'austerity' budget

Green Group statement on Bristol Councils austerity budget

Bristol Council's 2015/16 'austerity’ budget: hurting the most vulnerable and reducing public services.

500,000 social rented homes by 2020

500000 social rented homes by 2020

A lack of affordable homes is at the heart of our current housing crisis, say the Green Party who today commit to build 500,000 social rented homes by 2020.

We support ACORN’s statement on secure homes

We support ACORNs statement on secure homes

The Easton-based tenants’ rights group ACORN has submitted a statement to the meeting that Cllr Telford has written in support of.

Green Party Policy for Bristol - Housing, Planning & Green Spaces

Green Party Policy for Bristol  Housing Planning  Green Spaces

Ensuring affordable green housing for all

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