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Green Party Policy for Bristol - Transport


The Bristol Green Party will work towards bringing buses back under public control.

We need an integrated traffic management plan and cycle path network, to favour active travel.

Public transport needs to be cheap, regular and running along the routes that people want to travel. The Bristol Metro project will make the most of our railway network.

We need to have a local integrated transport authority or board which can bring in expertise to help improve the local transport system, run for people and not for profit.

Build a transport hub on plot 6 next to Temple Meads train station.

We will focus subsidies on a public transport service that meets community needs, not on private operators.


The Green Party supports integrated traffic management plans which include a well-connected cycle path network. We need to improve mobility while reducing traffic to benefit the environment. We need to give preference to environment-friendly modes of transport such as walking, cycling, and public transit.

There needs to be a complete overhaul of the bus routes. We propose a new bus station alongside Temple Meads creating a public transport hub for the Greater Bristol region. Real time information would be provided at bus stops.

The Bristol Metro project will make the most of our railway network.

We want Greater Bristol public transport to be overseen by an integrated transport authority. We would encourage the Local Enterprise partnership to bid for money from the sustainable transport fund to reopen the passenger rail link with Portishead. We will revisit Bus Rapid Transit proposals in order that we make the most effective use of funds. 

We need to make public transport not only convenient, fast, reliable and comfortable, but also cheap.

We want integrated ticketing for Greater Bristol with Oyster and travel card equivalents, such as the introduction of an environmental card for unlimited travel within the urban network. Tickets for local events such as for a concert, sports event, fair, or big conference should also include travel by public transport.

We will use not-for-profit community interest companies, which are made up of people who specialise in providing transport, where their local expertise can help us.

We need to develop our cycle paths to include and link bike-friendly streets, street-side bike-paths, and separate paths. Bicycle parking spaces need to be expanded, including “bike and ride” lots at transit stations. Cycling should be promoted with free maps and other information and by creating an inner-loop cycle route around the inner city, as proposed by Bristol Cycling Campaign.

Traffic calming is important to prioritise safety. Lower speed limits should improve safety. We support citywide 20 mph speed limits and the Living Heart proposal for the city centre, to increase pedestrianisation. We oppose pavement parking and cycling on pavements. 

Workplace parking charges and/or congestion charging should be invested in public transport. Parking space management also contributes to the reduction of motor vehicle traffic.

A Green Plan For Bristol

A Green Plan For Bristol

The Green Party is not just concerned about the environment.

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