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Green Party Policy for Bristol - Waste & Recycling


Demand for resources is greater than ever. We must make recycling and reusing resources as easy as possible. We should reward reuse and recycling where necessary. Bristol should be a model for a different way of working in which the maximum possible quantity of redundant materials is re-used or recycled.

Reduce: About a third of the food produced in the UK is wasted; much packaging is unnecessary; because of the way things are sold sometimes it seems to make sense to buy more than we need. Many items can be made to last longer or be made to be more easily repaired. Some useful items are discarded for the lack of spare parts. We would tackle these issues for the benefit of Bristolians.

Re-use: We would build a citywide infrastructure, building on existing schemes, to help people and organisations that have things they no longer need pass them to organisations that could reuse them. It might be computer equipment or office furniture in a large company being passed to a charity or business start-up, or a spade in a shed that is never used being passed to a community garden or new allotment holder. We would look to bring unused buildings back into use.

Repair: It now often seems cheaper to discard something and get a new one rather than repair it. We would look to set up a network of repair centres throughout Bristol that would repair equipment that could be reused. These would be run for profit and aim to create skilled jobs. These centres would work with existing organisations to provide good quality working equipment to those who need it.

Recycle: People recycle most when it is easy to do so. We would speed up the introduction of easy to use high quality recycling throughout Bristol. We would ensure that local composting is expanded and believe the digestion of waste to produce biofuels is a good way to produce usable energy from a waste produce.

Jobs and Buildings

To implement Bristol’s integrated Waste Reduction Plans will require the creation of skilled jobs and using currently empty shops and other buildings. These activities will help regenerate Bristol and provide a legacy of technological expertise for the future.

A Green Plan For Bristol

A Green Plan For Bristol

The Green Party is not just concerned about the environment.

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