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Ashley councillors object strongly to 60% premium to park in St Pauls

Bristol City Council's statutory consultation regarding the introduction of Residents Parking Schemes (RPS) in Easton and St Pauls proposes that the first permit for St Pauls will cost £48 per year rather than £30 in Easton.

The introduction of RPS has been hugely controversial with councillors' inboxes filled with thoughts from both those for and against.

Rob Telford, Green councillor for Ashley said "I see no reason why the cost of a permit for one of our residents in St Pauls should cost 60% more than a permit to park in Easton. Fairness needs to be built into the system and having equal pricing for different areas of Bristol is crucial to getting this right."

Gus Hoyt, Green councillor for Ashley added, "This is a sensitive issue that needs to be handled carefully. I raised the possibility of a sliding scale to benefit residents with lower incomes at the earliest point in this process and have taken resident concerns about costs to Cabinet meetings."

The two Green councillors will be producing a comprehensive report on the feedback they have received from residents throughout Ashley but they did confirm that the cost of the permit was of particular concern amongst St Pauls residents.

The pricing inconsistencies don't stop with the first permit, the second permit is also more expensive, but mysteriously the third permit is marginally cheaper to buy in St Pauls than it is in Easton.

The two councillors call on the Mayor to do whatever is necessary to ensure that pricing is consistent across the city and is not determined by a postcode lottery.

Both councillors will be doing everything they can to ensure a fair charging system for St Pauls.

For more information, contact Rob Telford on 07756-355-547

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