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‘Protect speed limits that keep our children safe’ say Green Councillors

As the Council gears up for a debate on 20mph, Green Councillors are calling for Bristol’s 20mph areas to be maintained. 

Road safety campaigners point out that 20mph speed limits reduce the likelihood of accident and death if pedestrians or cyclists are hit. One study in London showed that 20mph caused casualties to fall by an average of 42%. 1 

‘20mph is good for pedestrians, good for children and good for communities’ said Green Councillor and transport campaigner Charlie Bolton. ’Slower speeds are emblematic of the sort of city we want for the future - streets where our children feel safe to walk to school and play out with their friends.’ 

Councillor Bolton will be speaking in favour of keeping the 20mph areas at Full Council on Tuesday 15th September. A debate on 20mph was added to the Council agenda after an anti 20mph petition was submitted, which included many signatures from people living outside Bristol. A pro 20mph petition has now also been started, gathering 2,300 signatures at the time of writing. 

‘Looking in more detail at the petitions’ continued Councillor Bolton ‘I observe that – despite starting a pro petition four and a half months later – there are already more supporters of 20mph in many Bristol wards. These include the wards of Ashley, Bishopston, Cabot, Cotham, Easton, Redland, Southville and Windmill Hill. When communities get 20mph, they often seem to like them and feel the benefits.’ 

Greens have consistently argued that reducing speeds in much of the city is a no-brainer. Leader of the Green Councillors, Rob Telford, said ‘If Bristol is a genuinely progressive city, we need to see this issue settled. Those opposing 20mph are simply on the wrong side of history. We will look back at safer, greener, healthier streets and wonder what all the fuss was about’. 




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